Terms & Conditions

FlyingAnimals.co.za and Airline Express Products (Pty) Limited (“AEP”) Terms and Conditions

FlyingAnimals.co.za is an internet domain owned by Airline Express Products (Pty) Limited. All directives and conditions included in the quotation from itself shall also be deemed to be part of these terms and conditions.

The quotation is an estimate and is valid for 30 days due to airline rate increases or changes as well as exchange rates and other related airfreight charges that can change on a monthly basis. FlyingAnimals.co.za and “AEP” have no power over these charges, your final invoice will be adjusted closer to the departure date. Please be aware that the airline rates for live animals are linked to either the USD or EUR and vary from month to month.

Subsequently rates quoted are subject to change without notice. Should you choose to use FlyingAnimals.co.za services be aware that your quotation should be verified prior to shipment. This is not a firm quotation; it is an estimate quotation based on information supplied with current rates and conditions.

Upon acceptance of the quotation all veterinary documentation must be emailed, faxed or delivered to Flying Animals.co.za and/or “AEP” office. Failure to adhere to this requirement will negatively impact on the length of the preparation period and departure date.

Routing to destination may be changed without notice to allow for pet travel embargos or changes in airline regulations. FlyingAnimals.co.za and “AEP” subsequently reserve the right to choose the shortest/best route and airline for your pet’s travel. We will endeavor to inform the client as soon as any changes may occur; this may not always be possible due to the late notice/changes imposed by the airlines and the unavailability of the client.

FlyingAnimals.co.za and “AEP” or its agents cannot be held responsible/liable for airline delays, cancellation of flights, incorrect routing by airlines, loss of veterinary documentation by airlines, strikes by airline staff, any additional charges due to LIVE ANIMAL embargos, change of the type of aircraft used on particular routes, charges incurred in the event of airlines placing pets on alternate routes or airlines being unable to accommodate pets as originally quoted.

The client indemnifies FlyingAnimals.co.za and “AEP”, its agents, employees and assigns against any damages claim of any nature whatsoever.

The client acknowledges that should it for any reason whatsoever decide to cancel the transport of the pets, either prior to or after the pet/s has been delivered to FlyingAnimals.co.za and/or “AEP” premises, the charges and administration fees already incurred by FlyingAnimals.co.za and/or “AEP” will be payable by the client. 

All monies due to FlyingAnimals.co.za and “AEP” must be paid prior to the pet/s departure. The client acknowledge that should payment, in full, not be received by FlyingAnimals.co.za and/or “AEP” 14 days before transportation, FlyingAnimals.co.za and “AEP” shall not be obliged to continue with the transport preparations and may, at its sole discretion, cancel the transport of the pet/s. Additional charges associated with cancellations will be for the client’s account.

Additional charges not included in the quotation for kenneling and extra trips to the airport or clients home and or veterinary practices are for the clients’ account.

FlyingAnimals.co.za and “AEP” will not be responsible for any tranquillizers, and if requested, these must be prescribed and issued by the client’s veterinarian. FlyingAnimals.co.za and “AEP” cannot be held responsible for side effects, over dosage or death due to poorly administrated/prescribed tranquilizers. FlyingAnimals.co.za and “AEP” will not administer any tranquillizers recommended or prescribed by your veterinarian.

The client shall ensure that prior to delivery and collection of pets/animals to FlyingAnimals.co.za and/or “AEP” that the pet’s/animal is in good health and in a condition fit to undertake the necessary travel.