About Us

AIRLINE EXPRESS PRODUCTS (PTY) LTD in partnership with UBI Worldwide is a specialist cargo logistics group that focuses on providing hassle free animal travel. UBI Worldwide Limited’s Flying Animal services are designed to give the best rates by sending animals on the most direct route all over the World. Airline Express Products has exported four of the BIG FIVE animals in South Africa to CHINA,THAILAND,EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST. We have a expert team with over 85 years of experience in transporting live animals World Wide.

What we do



Our staff will assist you with your flight bookings for your pets & other wild animals as per your intended itinerary and flight dates for exports. We have accounts with all the major airlines and will ensure we find the best routing to place as little stress on the animals as possible.  We will book your animals on all airlines licenced to carry AVI (live Animals) flying all over the world.


We have a booking team with more than 45 years experience in the animals airfreight industry, who will guide you through the booking process on exporting animals.

They know all the routings, flight schedules and size of crates that can be accomodated by the different airlines to suite your requirements.

The above team members are available 24 hours to accommodate our customers as well as assist with urgent matters or enquiries.



It is the exporters/shippers responsibility to ensure that ALL export permits, veterinary health certificates, CITES documentation are in place when exporting animals. The documentation varies from country to country, if you are not sure what the regulations are you need to contact our offices for guidance.

Documents required are :

  • Import permit issued by the destination country
  • Export permit issued by country of origin (CITES)
  • Blood test results to confirm animals are fit to fly
  • Supplementary veterinary paperwork (Certificate)
  • Pets Passport
  • Other (special requirements)

Export invoice for (Wild Animals & Game bought in South Africa)


Our professional staff will guide you to ensure you purchase the right size crate for your pet, we will also assist you with the crate specifications as per the IATA ANIMAL REGULATIONS when exporting all other types of animals. No crate is too big to handle. Metal & wooden crates are accepted by most airlines to accommodate the larger animals like lions, giraffe’s & Rhinos when flying.

Attention to detail

Ensuring your pet flies in the right size crate will reduce stress and ensure comfort and security throughout the journey. That is why all our crates are custom made to suit each individual pet that flies with us.

The airway bill (ticket) determines the cost of flying your pet with a specific airline and is directly correlated to the volume of the crate in which pets travel. A few centimeters longer than is needed – could mean your pet is not going to feel as snug and safe as it could in a bespoke crate, and could potentially cost unnecessary extra charges.

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