In the recent months enquiries on how to sell livestock have been on the rise

Most of these enquiries have come from ordinary farmers who have high quality animals, and want to sell to their colleagues across our borders, our most traded livestock are cows, sheep, goats and pigs. Livestock are exported for slaughter, breeding, milk and meat production.

SA in race against time to get EU horse export ban lifted

SOUTH Africa’s failure to develop an internationally accepted vaccine for African horse sickness is threatening the productivity of the local export industry, jobs growth and profits.

Rhino’s are large animals, this we can all agree upon. In South Africa, rhino poaching has gotten out of hand and black rhinos have been placed on the critically endangered list

Transporting these animals to a place of safety is in the best interest of the animals as well as trying to keep them from going extinct. The conservation group WWF and local government agencies in South Africa have come up with an alternative mode of transport that is quicker and safer for the rhino being transported.

Namibia: Meat Board Fights Export Battle for Producers

The Namibian Meat Board is to seek an urgent independent study on the requirements for animal health and livestock exports to South Africa from the South African authorities as the next step in the restriction drama by South Africa since December 2013, which has halted livestock exports from Namibia and robbed thousands of households of their main source of income.

SA lifts Namibian livestock import ban

WINDHOEK – After some three months in which exports of Namibian livestock to South Africa came to a grinding halt, local producers now have access to the profitable market again with relaxed import requirements from South African authorities.

1 500 unwanted pets taken in by SPCA

Cape Town - About 1 500 unwanted and stray cats and dogs were taken in by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA this festive season. “Every year there is an increase in these cases,” said inspectorate manager Moyo Ndukwana.