Bonsmara Cattle

The Bonsmara is the strongest breed in South Africa. The name Bonsmara was gained from Professor Jan Bonsma (Bonsma), the man who played a leading role in the development of the breed, as well as from the farm known as "Mara" where the breeds were bred.

The Bonsmara's colour is red and brown and although they are horned cattle the breeders association requires that they be dehorned. The breed was obtained as a result of mating between local Afrikaner cows and European Shorthorn and Hereford bulls, the final composition being approximately 5/8 Afrikaner, 3/16 Shorthorn and 3/16 Hereford .

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  • Adapts well to African climates
  • Produce high quality meat
  • A calm temperament
  • Early maturity
  • Low birth weight for easy calving
  • Well developed udders with adequate milk to wean a strong calf

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